Congratulations on graduating law school! What an extraordinary accomplishment – I hope you are so proud of yourself! 

You have a rich and exciting future ahead of you. As a law school graduate, many doors will open for you and you can take so many career paths. 

As you navigate your career, remember to listen to your heart and what it has to share with you. Let your heart guide you and be a part of the difficult decisions you may face throughout your life. 

The legal profession needs you. You are part of a profound shift that is occurring within the profession. You are helping lawyers move away from solely valuing the mind to valuing the wisdom of the body and heart. You are part of a great change to create a more wholistic legal profession. A profession where lawyers understand that they need to do their inner work and take care of themselves so that they can better serve their clients. 

Always remember that your job doesn’t own you. Honor your boundaries, your ability to say no. You know what’s best for you – not others. 

Honor the gifts you have to contribute. You are extremely important and have a huge piece to share. 

Again, congratulations! I wish you the best of luck. 

Alyssa Johnson 
Class of 2004