To the Class of 2020,  

Congratulations on your graduation from Maryland Carey Law! It is an incredible achievement, and despite the present circumstances in this country and around the world, it is okay to feel pride in your accomplishment. You achieved a great professional milestone. I commend you for the several years of effort and commitment you (and your families) undertook to reach this point.  

But of course, your post-law school career has just began. As you leave the law school to continue your professional journey – particularly at this daunting time – I urge you to remember UMB’s mission statement: to improve the human condition and serve the public good. That mission is more relevant now than it has ever been. Lawyers and law graduates have a vital role to play in our society: from ensuring the efficacy of government to supporting frontline healthcare institutions; from providing counsel to those individuals in need to advising corporate clients about how best to move our economy forward. 

You are now enshrined as a Maryland Carey Law graduate, with all of the honors and responsibilities that come with it. I welcome you to the family of Carey Law Alumni and hope you remain connected to this institution. This law school has formed the foundation of my professional success, and I hope that it will do so for you, too. Congratulations to you on your graduation! 

Best regards, 
Jon Kucskar, JD ‘08 
Adjunct Professor