Undergraduate institutions and degrees
University of Tennessee – Bachelor of Arts

Hometown – City, State, and Country (if not the U.S.)
Nashville, Tennessee

Law school program specialty, certificate, or concentration (if applicable)
Health Law Certificate

Extracurricular and co-curricular activities
Alternative Dispute Resolution Team; Journal of Health Care Law & Policy

Post-graduation plans
Moving back to Nashville to work at a small law firm.

What was your most memorable law school moment?
After a long semester, walking out of a normal Property class to go to my first Orioles Opening Day at Camden Yards.

Finish this sentence: I could not have gotten through law school without…
 My great friends, and the people that respect the quiet policy at the library.

Who are your mentors? How have they impacted your journey?
A person that I have considered to be a mentor has been our ADR professor, Barry Gogel. He has been a constant source of levity and a great teacher.

What did you learn about yourself in law school?
I learned that I am more than just a person who decided they wanted to go to law school as a little kid, but someone who genuinely enjoyed this experience and is looking forward to beginning a career as a lawyer.

Who was your favorite professor and why?
Andrew Blair-Stanek for his infectious attitude that he brings during class, and his ability to deliver clear and cohesive instruction.

What was your favorite class and why?
Constitutional Law. While maybe not the most popular choices, all those nerdy years of watching the History Channel as a kid finally paid off in enjoying these classes.

Write a message.
There are too many people to thank and not enough words to type, or time to ramble in a video. But a thank you to each and every person at Maryland Law that made the move to Baltimore one of the best things that I have ever done. To my old friends who supported me throughout the way, and to all of my new and lifelong friends up in Baltimore. To my wonderful girlfriend who has supported me every step of the way while excelling in her own law school career. And to my family both in Tennessee and Maryland that have made this entire experience possible.