Congratulations Class of 2020 

Although I share in the disappointment of not seeing you walk the stage upon being hooded in commemoration of completing your JD, plus additional degrees for some, I think the greater disappointment is knowing that at the end of your third or fourth year, you lost the chance to spend time supporting each other, saying in-person farewells, and, finally, meeting each others’ families.  

If I may, I’ll offer one bit of advice: Don’t be shy with each other. Reach out and stay in touch. You are each other’s professional friends and colleagues, and over the course of your careers, take special pride in being Maryland Carey Law’s Class of 2020—the one whose education took the unusual turn, during what for most of you will be your final semester of formal education, of going online.   

It was my personal privilege and honor to teach so many of you. I love what I do in large part because it is so easy to take pride, watching the amazing professionals that my students become. The greatest wisdom of a lawyer is always to expect the unexpected and to handle it with grace, humor, and professionalism. On that score, more than any other class, you are well prepared for the challenges ahead. I look forward, at a date and time to be determined, to finally seeing you each get hooded, and to telling your families what a pleasure it has been to be one of your professors.  

Max Stearns