Dear (Soon to be) Marylad Carey Law School 2020 Graduates and fellow alums,

When the school shutdowns were first announced, my thoughts immediately went to the 3L class of Carey, your class.  I recalled the tremendous pressures and excitement that followed us in my classes during that last semester. It is hard to imagine how this has disrupted so many of your family graduation celebrations and professional opportunities. Maybe helpful is to keep in mind that every other 3L contemporary throughout our country/world has been navigating the same pathway. Only to say, in this matter you are all in the same boat.

However, one factor elevates you above so many other 2020 law school graduates.  The strength, caring and regard of your fellow alums, previous Maryland Carey Law graduates, is immense. We are everywhere, working in every conceivable career path, government, private sector, legal, business, public interest, everywhere. As you wade through the final days, have faith that there is a community of support from our school that is standing ready to help in many ways. You can rely on the school, and the deep and wide tentacles that being a Maryland Carey Law School grad will afford you. 

Congratulations on all of your achievements, good luck in your final exams, and we all look forward to hearing about your next steps.