Congratulations to the law school Class of 2020! You have come a long way.  Three long years are over and you will be entering into the work force as a new professional. Some of you may have a job you are excited about.  Others of you have jobs that you are uncertain about. Still others of you do not yet have a job. You are all in different places, but you share one thing.  You have graduated with a degree that holds so much promise and allows you to do good in the world. 

I encourage you to remember that. Remember that, particularly in times of deadlines, anxiety provoking briefings, and demands on work/life balance.  Take time for yourself. Take time to think of others. Take time to be a part of the justice mission that this law school has instilled in you. Remember how you felt in your law school clinic as you worked for a client that really needed you. Remember how you felt in a class where it dawned on you that the legal system is not perfect and does not always serve everyone fairly.   Remember that you can make a real difference. For our school’s Environmental Law program graduates, I hope you have learned to see the legal protection of human health and the natural world in new way. Be well.  

I wish you all the best,

Professor Seema Kakade