Undergraduate institutions and degrees
Tufts University, Bachelor of Science in Biology

Hometown – City, State, and Country (if not the U.S.)
Baltimore, Maryland

Law school program specialty, certificate, or concentration (if applicable)
IP Law Track

Extracurricular and co-curricular activities
Patent Bar Certification

Post-graduation plans
I plan to work in patent drafting and prosecution.

What was your most memorable law school moment?
Filing my first Copyright Registration. That kind of thing sticks with you.

Finish this sentence: I could not have gotten through law school without
support from my family.

Who are your mentors? How have they impacted your journey?
My Mother. In a family of Engineers and Doctors, she’s the one role model I could look to for an example of how an excellent lawyer carries themselves. She taught me the value of hard work, dedication, and staying on top of your readings.

What did you learn about yourself in law school?
That I’m perfectly happy working myself to the bone as long as I’m doing something I’m passionate about.

Who was your favorite professor and why?
Nathan Robertson. The man is a character and scholar in all the best possible ways.

What was your favorite class and why?
IP Survey. I know it’s weird to pick an intro-level class, but honestly I had no idea what type of law I wanted to pursue until I took IP Survey. It opened my eyes to what I want to do with the rest of my life, and I’ll always be grateful for that.

Write a message.
Thank everyone so much for all the support, encouragement, and tough love! Whether you were a shoulder to cry on, someone pushing me to the breaking point to achieve my full potential, or just a friendly face in the hall, you all have played a massive role in shaping the lawyer I’ll be for the rest of my life. Here’s to a bright future!