Digital Yearbook Notes for Business Law Track Graduates

Juliana Brensinger — You definitely have great successes in your future. Congrats on acceptance to Georgetown’s prestigious LL.M. program in tax! (MPV)

Juliana, it was great having you in the front row of ST this past semester, and learning more about a parallel system of ST in your country.  Best of luck with your future endeavors.  Best, Martha Ertman

Qin Cao — Qin, you did an excellent job making the most out of your time in law school–you will be well prepared for international arbitration practice. (HGH)

Lisa – it was so wonderful to have you in my IBT and conflict of laws classes! You brought a unique perspective and I can’t wait to follow your successful career. (WM)

Qin, it was good having you in ST this past semester.  Best of luck with your future endeavors.  Best, Martha Ertman

Ji-Young “Jayne” Chung — It was a huge pleasure to have you in Secured Transactions. Your focus and diligence are truly amazing. (MPV)

Jayne, I admire your remarkable drive and dedication, and I feel lucky to have gotten to know what a warm, thoughtful, and kind person you are. As one of your biggest fans (along with Professor Goldberg, of course), I am excited to follow your continuing success beyond school. Please keep in touch! (HGH)

Hunter Haines — It was a sincere pleasure to work with you and to have you in IBT. (Sorry about the Cedi fading at the end. Smile.) (MPV)

Hunter – it was great to supervise your MLR note! Stay in touch and my best wishes! (WM)

Hunter, it was great having you in class.  In ST this past semester your willingness to participate made things progress more smoothly than they would have otherwise.   Best of luck with your future endeavors.  Best, Martha Ertman

Vishal Hemnani — What can I say? You are truly an impressive person. Your leadership on the BLS exceeded all expectations. Well done! (MPV)

Vishal, your superb work as BLS president set a new standard of excellence for BLS’s executive board. It was a pleasure and privilege to have had the chance to work with you. (HGH)

Sang Hyuk “Sean” Kim — I was always glad to see you at our business law events, Sean, and I hope you will return as a BLT alum! (HGH) 

Sean – it was wonderful to have you in my IBT seminar and connect outside of class through APALSA. Congratulations on a wonderful 3 years and stay in touch! (WM)

Sisi Liu —  Sisi, it was lovely having the chance to get to know you last year, and I am so glad you were a part of our Transactional Law Team. (HGH) 

Sisi – I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we met at the APALSA banquet. I am so glad we got to connect while you were at Carey Law. I look forward to keeping in touch! (WM)

John Makres — John, when you land your dream job with Disney please make sure to let us know! (HGH)

Hillary Pham — You blazed a trail, Hillary–now we know that it is possible to complete three different concentrations in our JD program. Great work! (HGH)

Marc Rodriguez — From Mexico to Hong Kong to Maryland, and now you’re off to Oregon…Wow! Congratulations on passing the Oregon bar, Marc! (HGH)

Skyler Santomartino — Thank you for your leadership both in the BLS and on the JBTL! (MPV)

Donald Song — Brown Advisory is lucky to have you, Don. Congratulations on your well-earned fellowship. (HGH)

Don – it was wonderful to supervise your research! Congratulations on a job well done! (WM)

Benjamin Stoyenko — It was a pleasure having the chance to work with you during your SEC externship, Mr. Stone. (I like your rebranding choice!) (HGH)

Jazzmyne Williams — I am always delighted to see a Business Law Track graduate land one of our prestigious business fellowships. Great job, Jazzmyne! (HGH)

Jazzmyne, it was good having you in Contract Drafting class.  Best of luck with your future endeavors.  Best, Martha Ertman

Valeriya Zavyalova — Your leadership and dedication on the MLR symposium was so impressive. Indeed, as a substantive matter, it was one of the best symposiums I have ever witnessed. Well done! (MPV)

Val – I am so grateful that we were able to connect and organize an amazing conference together. You are a true superstar and can’t wait to follow and support your successful career in corporate law. (WM)

Valeriya, Thanks for the energy you brought to ST when you were in my course, and to the law school more generally.  Your presence has made a difference here.  Best of luck with your future endeavors.  Best, Martha Ertman

David Zumbrunn — It was a sincere pleasure to have your insights in Secured Transactions. (MPV)