Dearest Graduates, 

Congratulations. I am so proud of you, as you move toward what I know will be a stellar experience—the practice of law. In these challenging times, as a student of history, I would suggest that you have only to look at the words of Francis King Carey, the outstanding lawyer for whom your school was named. I paraphrase his remarks to the June 4, 1906 graduating class, who found themselves in a dire situation two years after the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904: 

This is the day of cooperation. It was never so true as now that [women and] men succeed or fail together rather than as individuals, and generosity in lending your own opportunities, and tact and ability in borrowing the opportunities of other people, are distinctly among the elements of personal progress. 

A community can move mountains if its members act together, while if they pull apart their very numbers constitute a source of weakness. The extraordinary emergencies . . .taught our people a lesson in cooperation which they will be slow to forget.  We have learned to our infinite satisfaction that no community can be a great one unless each member of it rejoices almost as much in the prosperity of his neighbors as in his own.  [Emphasis added]

The event of the recent past can serve to stimulate you to find a way out of no way, to be creative and move forward. Maryland Carey Law has stimulated you to think outside the box.  Reflect upon your training—see the alternatives that are already there. Move forward – you will succeed.  While the times are challenging—what a wonderful opportunity to shine

I am so proud of you. 

Elva E. Tillman, Esquire