Although I only had the opportunity to spend one full year of your law school career with you, it has been my great pleasure to get you know many of you in that short time. I have been so impressed by the overwhelmingly positive attitude and robust work ethic I have seen in so many of you. Whether you are holding down a full-time job, performing childcare duties, or throwing yourself into your studies and extracurriculars under greatly changed circumstances, I have seen you each navigate the end of your law school careers with incredible grace under pressure. During a time of historic tumult in the world, one of the things that has helped my maintain my optimism is seeing the positivity and hard work that each of you have brought to the end of your final semester of law school in the face of personal and global, uncertainty. While the final days of law school and beginning of your legal career may not look exactly how you might have imagined, I have no doubt that the ability to persevere in the face of hardship and uncertainty will serve you well in your legal career, whatever form that takes. I cannot wait to see the amazing things this law school class does, and the ways each one of you uses your law school education and experiences to improve the world.”