To the Class of 2020,

Congratulations on your graduation and all that you have accomplished along the way. I was privileged to work with many of you in torts during your first year, and with others of you in constitutional law in the spring of that year. I can’t believe that three years has gone by so quickly (four in the case of evening students). Of course, a great deal has taken place during those three years. 

It has been my pleasure to watch members of your class excel on the journals, in moot court and the trial teams, and in all of the great public interest work that you collectively have done both within the law school and in the wider community. You are leaving law school and entering the world of law practice at a crucial moment in which our profession and our nation faces unprecedented challenges. I am encouraged that such a talented and public-spirited group of new lawyers will be joining others in the ongoing effort to promote justice and advance the rule of law. The future is in your hands and I am optimistic for all that I know you will achieve.

Richard Boldt