Undergraduate institutions attended and degrees earned
Boston University

Hometown – City, State, and Country (if not the U.S.)
Palmyra, PA

Post-graduation plans
I plan to continue my work with the Federal Government and Army National Guard.

Finish this sentence: I could not have gotten through this experience without…
my partner Catalina, my family, friends, and the support of my employers and professors.

Who was your favorite professor and why?
Mark Graber; Karen Czapanskiy; Michael Vesely; Trudy Henson; Peter Danchin; Andrew Blair-Stanek; and Donald Gifford. They are experts, professionals, and true educators that made the evening law school experience worth it.

Write a message.
Thank you to my fellow evening program students – you full-time employees, mothers, and fathers – for keeping me motivated and inspired to keep pushing through the four-year slog; Catalina- my love; Joseph and Muriel Farrell (Dad & Mom); Julie, Steve, Henry, Michaela, Josh, Kim, Luke, Colin, Kelly, Mick, Ben, Shane, Anna, Mike, the Farrells, Doyles, Lills, and Plonskys (siblings and family); Matt, Josh, Trey, Pat, Nav, and all of my friends; David Lemanski, John Tracy, and Aaron Harding for your recommendation letters and support; David Paolucci, David Magness, Kirk Regina, Mark Chambers, Neal Murray, Robert Ober, John Lattea, Scott Trimble, Stephan Ridenour, Patrick Fisher, Scott Sauer, Terry Horn, Matt Westervelt, Dr. William Walters, Patrick Corcoran, Manmeet Thind, Alexis Wilson, Mike Ott, Brian Bartee, Gerald Foster, Sarah Mirabal, David Hill, Robbie Schmand, and my MDARNG Aviation and OPMED families for supporting me, covering me, and pushing me through this marathon – Thank you!

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  1. It is important that I add and thank Judge Carl Garver to this post for his support, mentorship, and recommendation letter. Thank you COL Richard Ferguson for your support while I pursued this goal, covered my civilian job duties, and requested a career transition to Nebraska. Thank you Dr. Troy Glassman for your support and encouragement. To those unmentioned, thank you!

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