Undergraduate institutions attended and degrees earned
Russell Sage College – Bachelor of Science

Hometown – City, State, and Country (if not the U.S.)
Tenafly, New Jersey

Area of Focus
Cybersecurity Law

Employer or post-graduation plans
Earn Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy

How will you use what you learned in the MSL program?
To further my education and assist individuals, government, and private companies in responding to the challenges of technology and its impact on industry and persons.

What was your most memorable moment?
As an online student, my most memorable moment (s) were the times, I would have a break down in the early morning hours, ready to give up, and then one of my kids would hear me and stop by my desk, giggle, but then with the most compassionate stern voice state, “Mom, you got this… .“

Finish this sentence: I could not have gotten through this experience without…
I could not have gotten through this experience without my family and relentless determination to pursue my passion. To go back to school at 50 is not an easy task; however, it was necessary to achieve the goals I set for myself many years ago, and as cliché as it may sound, a life lesson that will empower my children and others.

Who are your mentors? How have they impacted your journey?
The most influential people in my life are my father and the women, both past and present, who influenced my thoughts, words, and actions through their strength, challenges, commitment, and incredible sense of humor, which empowered me throughout my life’s journey.

What did you learn about yourself while earning this degree?
I learned that being stubborn can be an asset and that I have a tremendous work ethic with a level of patience I never knew existed. I realized that I love to research because it constantly challenges me to another level of insight, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, and leading me to an answer to which I may or may not want to receive.

Who was your favorite professor and why?
There is more than one answer to this question because I have had a “favorite” experience with all my professors. Through Professor Yelin’s teachings, I now read about Constitutional law for enjoyment. Each step, crisis, or roadblock I faced, Professor Rauschecker’s encouragement, patience, and respect helped push me to the next level. And finally, Professor McWeeney, whose video presentations were so motivational and informative, made what could have been a challenging class the most significant for me.

What was your favorite class and why?
I honestly did not have a favorite class. Perhaps, it was my absence from the academic world for many years, but I liked every single class to some degree, even while I may have spewed a swear here or there.


  1. Tania, you truly are a super woman. You remain an inspiration for all of us. This was not an easy time for anyone to maintain, and you’ve managed to exceed! We are all so proud!!
    All my love, Mark

  2. you are unique as a mother, professional, and a model human for your children.

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