• Elva E. Tillman ’87
    Dearest Graduates,  Congratulations. I am so proud of you, as you move toward what I know will be a stellar experience—the practice of law. In these challenging times, as a student of history, I would suggest that you have only to look at the words of Francis King Carey, the outstanding lawyerContinue Reading
  • Bruce Villard ’12
    Dear Class of 2020, Congratulations on achieving this significant milestone!  Successfully graduating from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law will open doors that you cannot yet imagine.  Best wishes for success in the future and again, congratulations!  Bruce Villard Class of 2012 
  • Derek Simmonsen ’12
    To the Class of 2020,  None of us have had to go through all of the challenges you’ve faced this semester (on top of all of the challenges that law school brings), but know that the alumni of this school are proud of your accomplishments and here to support youContinue Reading
  • Jon Kucskar ’08
    To the Class of 2020,   Congratulations on your graduation from Maryland Carey Law! It is an incredible achievement, and despite the present circumstances in this country and around the world, it is okay to feel pride in your accomplishment. You achieved a great professional milestone. I commend you for theContinue Reading
  • Alyssa Johnson ’04
    Congratulations on graduating law school! What an extraordinary accomplishment – I hope you are so proud of yourself!  You have a rich and exciting future ahead of you. As a law school graduate, many doors will open for you and you can take so many career paths.  As you navigateContinue Reading
  • Howard K. Kurman ’75
    To the graduating class of Maryland Carey Law of 2020, Please allow me the privilege of congratulating each and every one of you on this significant and certainly life-altering achievement. As the incoming Chair of the Carey Board of Visitors, I send my very best wishes to you as youContinue Reading
  • Maxine Davis Phillips ’17
    Dear (Soon to be) Marylad Carey Law School 2020 Graduates and fellow alums, When the school shutdowns were first announced, my thoughts immediately went to the 3L class of Carey, your class.  I recalled the tremendous pressures and excitement that followed us in my classes during that last semester. ItContinue Reading
  • Laura Black ‘88
    Congratulations Graduates! 
  • William T. Wood ‘66
    To Maryland Carey Law students: At the invitation of Dean Donald Tobin I am writing to offer each of you congratulations on successfully completing your law school studies during these are challenging times when our lives are being disrupted by a new virus currently without a cure. In these daysContinue Reading
  • Nathan D. Willner, ’90
    Dear 2020 University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Graduates, No one could have imagined that your law school careers would culminate at a time that the entire country is dealing with a deadly health crises and sheltering at home. Your education and entry into the legal professionContinue Reading
  • Lisa Paschal Snyder ’83
    Dear 2020 Graduates, I won’t lie.  Although I graduated long ago, (1983 to be exact),  I remember my graduation and it makes me sad that COVID-19 is stealing that memory from you before it even happens. That said, missing graduation doesn’t diminish the work or accomplishments of these past few yearsContinue Reading
  • Joel L. Simon ’87
    Dear Class of 2020, What a great and unique lesson you have had.  Many times in your legal careers, your clients’ entire world, it seems, is coming apart at the seems and the stress is enormous, if not overwhelming.  What you are going through this last semester will provide aContinue Reading
  • Dorothea O’Toole ’18
    Congratulations, all your hard work has paid off. Wishing you the greatest success in all you future endeavors.
  • David Meyerson ’06
    Video message.
  • David M. Martin ’88
    Dear Class of 2020, Law school, even in the best of times, is a challenge.  It may seem at times that the greatest reward for that effort is crossing the stage and receiving your diploma in front of classmates, family and friends. However, you are graduating during unprecedented times. I am confidentContinue Reading
  • Barbara Kerr Howe ’69
    As you move on with your legal career, good luck!  The alumni/alumna are behind you all the way.  If you have questions, please ask. If you are searching for a mentor, please reach out to us. Congratulations!
  • Joe Hardiman ’62
    Out of chaos comes opportunity- Seize it!
  • Stanford G. Gann, Sr. ’55
    Congratulations and welcome to the great world of Law. From my 65 years of practice, I can attest to the intellectual and practical experience of a lifetime of the daily challenges presented in all areas of the law. An old adage “the Law is a jealous mistress” is as true todayContinue Reading
  • Lauren Calhoun Capitini ’07
    Congratulations, class of 2020! Your future is bright! Being a lawyer is a long lesson is resilience and humility. You’re off to good start. Welcome to the profession.